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CxSAST Reporting Manager Installation (Docker image)

Following is a step-by-step guide for installing the CxSAST Reporting Manager component as a Docker image.


This is a Linux-based image.

Installation steps

  1. Download the CxSAST Reporting Docker image.

  2. Load the CxSAST Reporting Docker image into your CxSAST Reporting host Docker.

    docker image load --input <image filename>.tar

  3. Configure the CxSAST Reporting settings using:

    Docker .env file

    The image provided receives multiple parameters via environment variables. To pass them to the container, create a .env file with key-value pairs using the following format: KEY=value

    This file is then passed in the docker run command with the following option:

    --env-file="<path to file>\vars.env"

    A complete example is provided at the end of this guide.

    Environment variables

    • CONNECTION_STRING Required - Database connection string to a SQL Server.

    • NUMBER_OF_PARALLEL_REPORTS Default: 2 - Number of maximum reports processed in parallel.

    • NUMBER_OF_RETRIES Default: 3 - Number of maximum retries when processing a report request.

    • REPORTS_EXECUTION_INTERVAL Default: 2 - Number of seconds between polling of new report requests.

    • REPORTS_OUTPUT_PATH Required - Output path for the generated reports.

    • REPORT_RETENTION_PERIOD Required - Number of days that reports will be stored in the system.

    • REPORT_RETENTION_PERIOD_FORMAT Required - Retention period format: D for days or H for hours.

    • REPORTING_API_URL Required - Endpoint for the client api (http://<reporting api address>:<port>).

    • SYNC_DATA_INFO - Represents a Cron Expression that defines how often the dashboard service runs.

    • PROJECT_STATUS_CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME - The project custom field name that stores the onboarding/triaging process status (example: ASA_Status).

    • PROJECT_STATUS_CUSTOM_FIELD_VALUE - The value of the project custom field name that stores the onboarding/triaging process status (example: Delivered).

    • PROJECT_ONBOARDING_DATE_CUSTOM_FIELD_NAME - The project custom field name that stores the onboarding/triaging process end date (example: Onboarding_Date).

  4. To initiate the CxReportingService container, run the docker image with the following command:

docker run `
 --env-file=<vars.env file path> `
-v ~/cx-reporting-service:<value of REPORTS_OUTPUT_PATH env var> `
--restart always `


To deploy the Manager and Client API images using docker-compose, refer to CxSAST Reporting Service Docker Compose Setup.


The following is an example of installing CxSASTReportingService on the same machine as CxSAST:

docker run -p 5002:5002 `
-v ~/cx-reporting-service:/app/CxReports
--env-file="/var/jenkins/workspace/reporting-service-validation_dev/pipelines/reporting-service/.env" `

The vars.env file is configured as follows:

CONNECTION_STRING=Data Source=\SQLExpress;Initial Catalog=CxDB;Integrated Security=False;User ID=testuser;Password=testpassword;Pooling=True