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Configuring a Scan Task in TeamCity

The TeamCity workflow is organized accordingly and uses the concept of a 'project' with 'builds' and 'build steps' to configure and order activities in the workflow. The workflow consists of the components listed below. Once you log into your TeamCity account, the Build Dashboard screen is displayed and you can start configuring.

Workflow Component



In Checkmarx terms, a project refers to a scan task.


In Checkmarx terms, a build refers to the protocol of the code that is going to be scanned.

Build step

In Checkmarx terms, a build step refers to a Checkmarx scan, configured from within TeamCity as explained below. In general, a build step is a small aspect of the task such as a source code checkout, running a script, or parsing test results.


  • The user who is running the TeamCity plugin scan must have both 'Scanner' and 'Reviewer' role permissions.

  • The Root_Project is added and confgured automatically and cannot be modified.