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Running the Engine Pack Installation on a CxManager Host

The following instructions continue from the initial steps described in Installing a CxSAST Engine Pack in a Distributed Environment.

  1. Since the CxManager component is already installed, the screen displays a check mark that cannot be edited, indicating that running the Engine Pack installation will update the engine data in the database.

  2. Click <NEXT>. The Prerequisites Check window is displayed, indicating the status of the required third-party components.

  3. Click <NEXT> to continue. The CxSAST SQL Server Configuration window is displayed.

  4. Select the server from the SQL Server Instance list. If using a non-standard database port, provide the server name with a comma followed by the port number (e.g., LOCALHOST\SQLEXPRESS,25).

    NOTE:For upgrades, previously defined SQL Server instance settings are loaded from the existing configuration and cannot be changed.

  5. For CxSAST, define a connection to the installed SQL Server or to any other SQL server on your network, by selecting one of the following:

    o Connect using Integrated Windows Authentication (login not required).

    o Connect using SQL Server Authentication (provide SQL user name and password for login with SA permissions).

  6. Click <Test Connection>. A message appears that the connection was successful.

  7. Click <OK>, and then click <NEXT> to continue. The Setup Summary appears.

  8. Click <INSTALL> to continue. The Installation in Progress window is displayed, indicating that the engine data is being updated.


    NOTE 1: Once the installation is complete, the Installation Completed Successfully window is displayed.

    NOTE 2: If the installation fails, the "Setup Failed" message is displayed. For more information, refer to the installation logs. If you need further assistance, please open a support ticket.