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Release Updates (v3.11.0)


We are introducing CxIAST v3.11.0! Read on to check out what's new.

Release Highlights

This section highlights the main features of this version.

Extended CxFlow Integration Issue Tracking - GitHub, GitLab, AzureDevOps

CxFlow allows opening issues automatically upon new CxIAST results for predefined severities and fail CI builds if a severity threshold has been exceeded. CxIAST can be integrated within a CI/CD pipeline using CxFlow. CxIAST scans start automatically when an application with an attached CxIAST agent is being tested. For additional information, click here.

Application Security Enhancements

  • Added new Java vulnerabilities

  • Reduced the Node.js high vulnerabilities gap

  • Reduced the .NET OWASP Top 10 gap


Prerequisite Validator

The installer runs all prerequisite tests and shows a report if at least one failed rather than running each test one by one.

Known Limitations

This section covers known limitation detected in the current version. For additional known limitations detected in previous versions, refer to the respective release notes.




Closing Jira, GitHub Issues, GitLab Issues and Azure DevOps tickets is not supported in CxFlow.


  • The automatic upgrade for the Java agent is not supported when running on IBM JDK . The Agent must therefore be upgraded manually.

  • The Java agent running on the IBM JDK does not send diagnostic notifications to the CxIAST Manager.




Java Support

Java 6 is no longer supported.