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Installing CxSAST Engine Packs

Starting with CxSAST 9.4, Checkmarx periodically releases updated Engine Packs. The Engine Packs are released as CxSAST 9.4.x (for example, 9.4.1 or 9.4.2). Engine Packs can be installed on a host in a centralized environment or on one or more hosts in a distributed environment.


Engine Packs require the full CxSAST version of the matching version installed. For example, CxSAST 9.4.2 requires CxSAST 9.4 installed. CxSAST Engine Packs do not require the previous Engine Pack installed, for example CxSAST 9.4.2 does not require CxSAST 9.4.1 installed.


Attempting to install an Engine Pack version that does not match the installed CxSAST version will cause the installation to fail. For example, CxSAST 9.4.x Engine Packs cannot be installed on CxSAST 9.3 installations or CxSAST 9.5 installations.

Installation Options

Instructions for the available installation options are provided in the following pages:


If you install the Engine Pack in a distributed environment, for example on the CxEngine host, you must also run the Engine Pack setup on the CxManager host to update the SQL database.

For details, see Running the Engine Pack Installation on a CxManager Host.


If you decide to uninstall CxSAST after you have installed a CxSAST Engine Pack on top of the CxSAST installation, you must first uninstall the Engine Pack, before uninstalling CxSAST.