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What is Codebashing

Codebashing is an interactive AppSec training platform built by developers for developers. Codebashing sharpens the skills that developers need to avoid security issues, fix vulnerabilities, and write secure code in the first place. With Codebashing, access to engaging secure coding training is one click away for the entire development team.

To keep up with the relentless development pace, companies have to empower developers to take ownership of application security and prioritize vulnerabilities like any other software defect. Developers need help in learning and sharpening their application security skills, however, existing training solutions are ineffective and slow developers down as they strive to accomplish their main task – writing code. Even with periodic security training, it is usually boring and detached from the developer’s normal work routine, so any knowledge gained fades quickly rendering the training experience ineffective.

Codebashing teaches developers the principles of common AppSec vulnerabilities and secure coding techniques. This helps them sharpen and maintain their application security skills in the most efficient way. Codebashing is unique because developers can access an entire library of high-quality learning modules when it is needed the most, namely when a vulnerability is detected and needs to be re-mediated. These learning modules are comprised of a wide range of courses that are built from a selected set of lessons. In addition, you may tailor the learning experience by building a customized portfolio of lessons for your user base.

To see what they have learnt, Codebashing offers three modules that allow them to test their newly gained knowledge individually, in a tournament, in a competitive or in a non-competitive environment.

Once they have run through the quick to play hands-on training and knowledge verification, they return directly to work equipped with new or re-enforced knowledge to resolve the problem.

Key Benefits of Codebashing

  • Game-like: Developers can “wear the hackers hat” as they work through a learning module and absorb the information as quickly as possible.

  • Hands-on: See all the moving parts of the application stack that are relevant to explaining the vulnerability.

  • Interactive: Bring everything to life in an interactive and intuitive way.

  • Fun: Developers can roll up their sleeves and play while learning.

  • Enterprise ready: Drill-down dashboard analytics & built-in support for major SSO/SAML providers.