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Checkmarx One CLI Tool

Checkmarx One CLI is a standalone tool.

The tool is a fully functional Command Line Interface (CLI) that interacts with the Checkmarx One server.

The tool is able to perform all the functions that the REST APIs support, so the CLI users can perform all the tasks that are related to managing the Checkmarx One server.

The CLI tool supports the following actions:

  • Manage Checkmarx projects (create / delete / show)

  • Manage Checkmarx scanning (create / cancel / delete / show)

  • Display scan results

The CLI also acts as the backbone for all the supported plugins. All the plugins use the CLI tool to initiate scans. This allows minimal updates to the plugins which decreases the need for constant updates and feature requests.

The tool is universal, managing all the Checkmarx One scan types (SAST, SCA, IaC Security, etc.)