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V1.2.0 Overview

SAST Migration to Checkmarx One feature is created in order to provide existing SAST customers the ability to perform the following:

  • Export the existing SAST v9.3 (and up) environment including:

    • Users - Application users, Users Roles.

    • Teams & teams assignments.

    • Project team assignments.

    • Triage for the last scans - Including history, labels & comments.

    • Queries - Custom queries

    • Presets - Custom presets


      • In case using a filter with project ID's only the presets that are associated with those project ID's will be exported.

      • When exporting all presets, the default presets will be included.

  • Using the installation.json file to export bundle that includes SAST version information.


Any combination of the above is valid for the SAST export.

For more information see V1.2.0 SAST Export Matrix

  • Import the the exported SAST environment to an existing Checkmarx One tenant.