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The Queue

The Queue lists the scan that is currently queued or running and the order in which the following scans are going to be executed. You can manage the table.

To access the queue:

  • Go to Projects & Scans > Queue.


For each scan, the Queue table displays details including Date and time, the initiating user, the originating system, the Server name (the CxEngine server performing the scan), the Project name, the number of Lines Of Code (LOC), scan status (see below), and available actions (see below).

  • Click 6436179148.png to postpone a scan. Postpone will stop the current scan and move it to the end of the scan queue. Once the scan gets to the top of the queue, it will start scanning again.

  • Click 6436179151.png to delete a scan. Delete will remove the current scan from the queue.

Selecting a scan displays its details, and a progress bar indicating the percentage of scan completion, below the table. Once the first query is completed (usually at about 50% of the scan), a summary of partial results appears, with links to the actual results:


In the table, each scan shows one of the following in the Status column:

  • Progress bar: Shows the percentage of scan completion

  • Pending: Scan request submitted, but still performing preparatory tasks, such as uploading or extracting

  • Queued: Ready to scan but waiting for system resources

  • Finished: Completed scans remain in the Queue window for a configurable time period (by default, 10 minutes)

  • Failed: When the scan fails it disappears from the queue and reappears in the failed scans page in the Dashboard

  • Canceled: Scan cancelled

The Queue window refreshes every minute. If an active scan (showing a progress bar) is selected, the window refreshes every 10 seconds.


Multiple projects may be run in parallel, assuming the proper license is installed and system resources availability. Each scan requires its own processing core, and 1GB RAM for every 150,000 lines of code. If system resources are in use but will be available, the project is queued; if total system resources are not sufficient for the scan, an error message is displayed.