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The Training Archive

The Training Archive allows administrators to reset the training progress of users from a certain date in the past, which means that all the lessons that the user took before that date are deleted. Since the progress is deleted, a CSV file with the deleted progress is saved to allow the admin user to still view it, although it was deleted.

Working with Training Periods

There are the following types of training periods:

  • Training periods for individual users.

  • Training periods for user groups, also referred to as bulk.

  • Training periods for all users of the license.

The sections below explain how to access, view and define training periods and reports.

Working with User Groups

User groups are defined groups of users for which mutual actions are performed. You can reset user progress for entire user groups and view training periods for already deleted users as a user group of deleted users.


Working with user groups is often also referred to as ‘performing bulk actions’.