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Templates Management

The following permissions are created by the service:

  • Create Custom Templates (create-report-template), allowing to create new customized templates.

  • Edit Custom Templates (update-report-template), allowing to update customized templates.

  • Delete Custom Templates (delete-report-template), allowing to delete customized templates.

These permissions are available under the Reports Category and are not associated with roles.

Roles must be created and/or edited manually, in Access Control, to include the permissions.

Reports Generation

To request a report generation you need to have your permissions defined accordingly for each template type. Refer to Permissions for more details.

To allow editing the default values and filters for report generation through the user interface, the following permission is provided:

  • Edit Report (edit-report)

View Dashboards

To be able to access and view the KPIs available in the Dashboard section, you must have the view-dashboard permission.

Use Case

The user needs to create application-customized templates, and then edit filters and general details before requesting the report generation.

To achieve these actions, the user must have the following permissions:

  • Create Custom Templates (create-report-template) - for creating the templates.

  • Generate Application Report (generate-application-report) - for requesting the application report generation.

  • Edit Report (edit-report) - for editing the filters and general details before generating the report.