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Understanding results

Once a scan is complete, it is possible to view and triage the results.

The scan results are aggregated for each Project or Application and Checkmarx One scan type, SAST, SCA, and IaC Security.

You can also apply filters for more detailed information.

This section will show you how to view and understand the scan results from an Application and Project perspective.

The quickest way to open scan results is to use one of these two options.

You can click on the View.pngicon of a specific project.


Or, you can go to the Applications and Projects home page.

A scan preview pane is opened on the right-hand side of the screen when you click on the Project Name.


These two options will redirect you to the Projects Overview.

In the following sections, we guide you through an Application perspective and a Project perspective.

From an application perspective

An Application is a logical entity that contains several projects.

It is possible to visualize aggregated statistics for these projects within the Application.

Since scans run at a project or branch level, we will show you how to access scan results for a particular project from within the Application.

In this video, we guide you through the Applications Overview.

For more details, see the following documentation.

Application Results Summary

Applications Overview

From a project perspective

A Project is a logical entity within one or more applications.

Scans run at a project level, and aggregated statistics for all scans are available at a project or application level.

We will show you where you can view and access the scan results for your projects.

In this video, we will guide you through the Projects Overview.

Please see the videos and articles mentioned below for more details about the Project Overview.

Additional Video Content:

This video walks you through the applications and projects list and the Project Overview.

These videos will show you how to navigate the Scan History.

This video walks you through the Scanners section of the Project Overview.

Reference materials:

Project Results Summary

Project Overview

Scan History



Application Results Summary

Viewing Scan Results in the Results Viewers