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Installing the CxEngine Server in a Distributed Environment

The fourth and final component to install in this sequence is the CxEngine Server.


The required prerequisites are listed below. For further information and instructions on installing and making them available, refer to Preparing for Installation.

  • C++ Redist 2010 and 2015 SP3

  • ASP.NET Core 3.1.11 Runtime & Hosting


If you perform a distributed installation as Silent CLI_Installation, you cannot stop the installation before it is complete and you have to run Reconfigure to properly configure the setup once it has been installed.

Installing the CxEngine

This section illustrates the syntax for each available service account option.


If no additional syntax is added, the CxManager services use the Network Service account by default.

Local System Account

Dedicated Service Account

In the instructions for the regular GUI based installation, this account is referred to as 'This Account'.


For a table of parameters with additional information on them, refer to the Parameter page.

Reconfiguring the CxEngine Parameters

For information and instructions on reconfiguring the CxEngine parameters, refer to Reconfiguring CxEngine.