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Viewing, Importing, and Exporting Queries

The Query Viewer displays all Checkmarx default queries and custom queries, with their descriptions and source code. You can import and export custom queries as XML files.

To export queries, do the following:

1. Go to Settings > Scan Settings > Query Viewer:


2. To keep track of changes to query sets, you can select a language (or one of its child items) and view the Hash and Change Date of the last changes to the language's query set.

3. To view a query's Description and Source code, select the query.

4. Select organizational custom queries to be exported


5. Click Export Queries.

6. Save the exported XML file.

To import queries:

1. Click Import Queries.

2. Select the XML file to be imported.


If the imported query has the same name as an existing one, the existing query will be overridden.