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RS 1.2.1 (GA)

The Checkmarx SAST Reporting Service 1.2.1 (GA version) contains the following deliverables and enhancements:

  • Checkmarx SAST Reporting Service client REST API integrates authentication and authorization with Checkmarx SAST Access Control.

  • Performance improvements to reduce CPU and memory consumption while generating the reports, thus reducing the hardware requirements.

  • Filtering Improvements:

    • Results filtered by High and Medium severities, by default

    • Display “None“ when there are no excluded values defined

    • Scan Template: Added new filters by Result State and by Results Limit

    • Project Template: Added new filter by Results State and data point

  • Client API Improvements:

    • Fixed an issue when downloading the report through the /api/reports/

  • Scan Template:

    • Results displayed in the Scan Results section are limited to 5000 by default (Results Limit filter)

    • Displaying 0 (Zero) in case there are no findings for the filtered data

    • Displaying “No Results to present“ in case the KPI does not return data to avoid report generation failure

    • Added link to Results Viewer in Checkmarx Portal for the Resolved Vulnerabilities, in the template grouped by Result State

  • Project Template:

    • Last data retention date and project custom fields details to Project Information section

    • Scan ID information available in Scan Results Overview section

    • Displaying 0 (Zero) where there are no results for the filtered data

    • Displaying “No Results to present“ where the KPI does not return data (to avoid report generation failure)

    • Total Results Overview and Resolved Results Overview charts improvements