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Administrators can see at a glance which realm sessions or environments are active from the list of clients displayed on the system and manage the session from this screen. For example, if a user is no longer with the company but is showing an active session, the administrator can log them out.

Realm Sessions

Realm sessions displays the client and the total active and offline sessions.

  1. Click Logout all, to revoke all the active Realm sessions.

  2. Click on the client, for example, ast-app, to open the client and display the active session.

Active Sessions

An active session displays the user, the IP address and the date and time the session started.

Click Logout to revoke a token for a listed client. The user will be required to log in again when navigating to another page.



Revocation enables the administrator to revoke/reset all active tokens on the system to the current date and time. A new token will be required to access the system on the next log in. This enables the administrator to log all sessions off and start afresh.

Run a Revocation:

  1. Click on the Revocation tab.

  2. Click Set to now to revoke all tokens to the current date and time.

  3. Click Clear to reset the date.

  4. Click Push to notify every administrator about the new revocation action.