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Setting up Checkmarx One Integrations


Checkmarx One is a robust platform that supports full integration into your SDLC. We support the following types of integrations:

  • SCM Integrations - We support integration with most of the popular SCM platforms. You can set up SCM integrations using the web application by “Importing” a project from your SCM. You can activate automated scanning of your source code whenever the project is updated. Checkmarx One listens for commit events and uses a webhook to trigger Checkmarx scans when a push, or a pull request occurs. See Checkmarx One SCM Integrations

  • Feedback Integrations - Send scan results directly to the relevant parties through your bug tracking and team collaboration tools. See Feedback Apps

  • CI/CD Integrations - We provide specialized plugins to enable seamless integration of Checkmarx One with many popular CI/CD platforms. This enables you to trigger customized scans as part of your CI/CD pipeline. In addition, we support integration with other CI/CD platforms using our CLI Tool. See Checkmarx One CI/CD Integrations

  • IDE Integrations - We provide specialized plugins that enable you to import Checkmarx One results into your favorite IDE tools. This makes it easy to identify the vulnerable code in your project and triage the scan results. See Checkmarx One IDE Plugins

Integrations Screen

Clicking on the Integrations icon Integrations.png in the main navigation opens a screen with two tabs Feedback Apps and Plugins.

Feedback Apps

Feedback Apps enable users to integrate Checkmarx One with external tools such as a bug tracking services (Jira and GitHub Issues) as well as team collaboration tools (Microsoft Teams and Slack). This enables automated exporting of scan results to the relevant parties through a convenient channel. Feedback Apps can be created and edited on this pages. The Feedback Apps page shows two sub-tabs: Apps and Profiles. Apps are where the integration is configured, and Profiles are where Checkmarx One Projects are assigned to Apps. For a full explanation of how to configure Feedback Apps, see Feedback Apps.



The Plugins tab shows an informational page listing all of our available plugins and supported integrations. For each plugin, links are given to download the plugin from Marketplace, view comprehensive Documentation and to access the Source code in GitHub. For each of our supported CLI integrations, links are given for comprehensive Documentation and Examples on GitHub.