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License Types and Restrictions

IAST License Types and Restrictions

Product Description

License Types (defined below)

IAST Application

Application Based

License Types

An “Application Based” license means the licensed Software may be used to scan a single Application during the license term, where the term “Application” is defined as a single executable component of a software application. The following are considered as a single Application for licensing purposes: (a) multiple identical copies of a single executable on different instances; and (b) multiple versions of the same Application.

License Transfer Rights of Server Component of IAST

  1. The server component of IAST Software is Node Locked. Customer may transfer a Node Locked software license to a different machine a reasonable number of times by: (a) sending a written license transfer request to Licensor; (b) obtaining a new license key from Licensor, which is required to activate the software on the new machine; and (c) promptly deleting the previously installed software upon transfer of the software to the new machine.

  2. Licensor reserves the right to limit license transfers if such activity is excessive or constitutes abuse, as determined by Licensor in its reasonable discretion.