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Pre-POC Questionnaire

To determine whether your software and hardware environments are suitable for your IAST installation, Checkmarx provides an online questionnaire that you can submit to your Checkmarx representative for evaluation. Before you can start responding to the questionnaire, you have to first register to receive an access link to the questionnaire as explained in the instructions below.

The questionnaire enables you to specify the essential aspects of your environment. If necessary, you can easily edit your answers before submission. After you completed your questionnaire and submitted it, you can download it together with your replies for reference. Once submitted, Checkmarx is notified and starts evaluating your system.

After submitting the questionnaire, you can update your responses by following the access link again unless the questionnaire is already under review or has been closed. This way, Checkmarx always has the most current view of your environment.


You have to request and submit a questionnaire for every application that you are planning to monitor.