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JIRA Integration - Troubleshooting

If you experience issues with JIRA integration, please contact Checkmarx support, in case you require assistance. You will need to collect the following information for our support team:

  • JIRA web server logs from the time of the error.

  • The installed CxSAST version

  • The JIRA server version

  • JIRA permissions and project metadata

To collect JIRA permissions and project metadata:

  1. From you browser, log into JIRA with the credentials used for Configuring JIRA Integration Settings.

  2. Go to http://<JiraServer>:<JiraPort>/rest/api/2/mypermissions and save the JSON response to a file.

  3. Go to http://<JiraServer>:<JiraPort>/rest/api/2/issue/createmeta?expand=projects.issuetypes.fields and save the JSON response to another file.


This response contains potentially sensitive organizational information. Please make sure you are authorized to provide us with it.