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SAML Integration (v8.4.1 to v8.9.0)


Checkmarx’s Static Application Security Test (CxSAST) has just become SAML 2.0 aware and can now be configured to act as a SAML 2.0 Service Provider. SAML supports the user lifecycle by retrieving users from the Corporate Identity Provider (IdP) and defining them in CxSAST. This allows for more centralized and enhanced user management.

  1. The user issues a request to the SAML Service Provider (Checkmarx) for a specific resource.

  2. The SAML Service Provider (Checkmarx) detects that authentication is required and redirects the Web Browser to the SAML Identity Provider, for example OKTA.

  3. The Web Browser accesses the SAML Identity Provider and the user is checked for authentication.

  4. Once the user receives authentication, the SAML Identity Provider sends a response back to the Web Browser.

  5. The Web Browser then sends an authentication token to the SAML Service Provider (Checkmarx).

  6. The SAML Service Provider (Checkmarx) processes the assertion and the user is automatically logged in.