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Creating a Report

To request a new report generation, you can click on RSGenBut.png available at the top right corner or on Create_New_Template.PNG in the action row available for each custom template.

Both options are available in the Report Templates view.


Generate Report button

  1. Click RSGenBut.png. A menu for selecting the report type is displayed.

  2. Expand the drop-down list:

  3. Select the template and click Continue.

  4. A new screen with the report parameters is displayed:

    o Template Name: For more details, refer to Template Name.

    o File Format: For further details, refer to File Format.

    o Report Name: Name of the report to be generated. The service automatically generates a report Id that will be concatenated to the specified report name.

    o Scan Id: The Scan Id parameter is available when you are generating a scan template. You must specify the identifier of the scan for the one you want to get information in the report.

    o Filters: Refer to Defining Filters.

    o Metadata: Refer to Defining Metadata.

  5. Click Generate_Button.PNG.

  6. You will see a toast message to inform that the report is being generated.

  7. Once the report is generated, you will see a message informing you that the report has been successfully generated.


    In case of failure, you will see a warning.

  8. To download the report or to check the error message, you can access the Generated Reports Log screen.

Generate Report Shortcut

You can request a report generation by clicking in the shortcut button Create_New_Template.PNG, available in the templates list for each template. This option is available only for the custom templates.

Once you click the button, the report is automatically generated based on the pre-defined filters. The report name consists of the template name concatenated with an internal Id generated by the service.

If you intend to change the report parameters in some occasional situations, use the Generate Report button and Edit the Report.

Editing the Report and Template

When you are generating a report and you need to change the pre-defined filters, you can edit these by clicking in the edit icon Edit.png.

  • If you are generating a report based on a Default template, you will have the Edit Report option available. Defining filters is mandatory for Default templates, so the Generate button appears enabled only after you complete editing the report and defining the mandatory filters for the selected template type.

  • If you are generating the report based on a Custom template, two options are available: Edit Report and Edit Template.


For both options, Edit Report and Edit Template are enabled only if you have the proper permissions.

Edit Report

This option allows you to change the report definitions and filters specifically for this request and generation. The changes are not applicable to the template itself.

Once you click the Edit Report button, you will see the template General and Filters definitions in edit mode, so you can apply the desired changes before requesting the report generation.


After editing the parameters you can click Generate_Button.PNG to request the report generation.

To cancel changes and proceed with the pre-defined configurations, click Cancel.

Edit Template

This option allows you to change the general definitions and filters of the template. These changes are applicable to the template itself.

Once you click the Edit Template button, you will see the template General definitions and Filters in edit mode, so you can apply the desired changes to the template.


For further details on how to edit a template, see Editing a Template.