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Login to the CxSAST Web Interface

Access the CxSAST web interface in one of the following ways:

  • Access CxSAST locally (from the server host): Use the Checkmarx Portal shortcut on the Desktop or navigate to the Checkmarx folder ( Start > Checkmarx > Checkmarx Portal).

  • Access CxSAST from any other computer: Make sure that organizational routing and firewall configuration allow the client computer to access the CxSAST Server. Point your browser to: http://<server>/cxwebclient/login.aspx where <server> is the IP address or resolvable hostname of the CxSAST Server.


If '3rd party cookies' are disabled in your browser, you are not able to log on via 'http://localhost'. In this case, use 'http://<FQDN>', where <FQDN> is the Fully Qualified Domain Name and consists of both the hostname and the domain name (e.g.,

Upon a clean installation, a single Administrator Account needs to be created using Access Control. For more information, refer to Accessing the Access Control Web Interface (v2.0 and up).