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Installing and Setting Up the Checkmarx One Visual Studio Extension

The Checkmarx One extension for Visual Studio is available on Visual Studio marketplace and can be installed directly from your Visual Studio console.

Figure 1. Installation and Initial Setup
Installation and Initial Setup

GIF - How to install and set up the extension

To install and set up the extension:

  1. In the Visual Studio console header bar, click on Extensions > Manage Extensions.


    The Manage Extensions window opens with the Online tab selected by default.

  2. In the search box, start entering 'Checkmarx One'.

  3. When the Checkmarx One extension is shown, click Download for that extension.


    A notification at the bottom of the window prompts you to restart Visual Studio.

  4. Click Close and then Exit the program.

    The VSIX Installer dialog opens.

  5. Click Modify.

  6. Open Visual Studio and in the header bar, click View > Other Windows > Checkmarx.


    A new Checkmarx pane opens.

  7. Click on Open Settings.

    The Options window opens showing the Checkmarx settings.

  8. In the API key field, enter your Checkmarx One API key.


    If you need to create an API key, see Generating an API Key.

  9. In the Additional parameters section you can specify any CLI arguments that you would like to apply as global flags (e.g., proxy servers). See documentation here.

  10. Click on Validate connection, to test that the connection works.


    If the connection fails, you can view detailed error logs by entering --debug in the Additional parameters section and retrying the connection.

  11. Click OK at the bottom of the screen.