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Setting Up the TeamCity Plugin


To run TeamCity plugin scans, you must have both 'Scanner' and 'Reviewer' role permissions for Access Control.

As a prerequisite for all platforms, you must have TeamCity and the TeamCity Checkmarx plugin installed. For the required versions, refer to Supported Tool Version under the version of your Checkmarx plugin in the TeamCity Plugin Change Log.

Installing and Configuring the TeamCity Plugin

The Checkmarx TeamCity Plugin supports a remote agent, but no configuration is required.

Adding a Proxy Server between the TeamCity System and the CxSAST Server

If your network requires a proxy server to connect to the CxSAST server, you have to set it up in your TeamCity deployment. Once the proxy server is in place, you have to enable it for the TeamCity server and for every TeamCity agent.

Adding a Self-Sign Certificate to work over HTTPS

Download the certificate from the destination host. To do so, follow the instructions below for your respective browser.