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Getting the SDK Web Service URL

In order to initiate a session to the SDK web service (which receives operative CxSAST requests), the API client must first retrieve its URL from the Resolver web service. The API client should do the following:

  1. Create an instance of the Resolver generated proxy client (class: CxWSResolver), and set its URL to:


    where <server> is the IP address or resolvable name of the CxSAST server (in a distributed architecture: the CxManager server).

  2. Call the Resolver's single available method (GetWebServiceUrl) as below. The returned CxWSResponseDiscovery object's .ServiceURL field will contain the SDK web service URL.

CxWSResolver.GetWebServiceUrl Method

public CxWSResponseDiscovery GetWebServiceUrl(
   CxClientType ClientType,
   int APIVersion


  • ClientType: For API clients, the value is: SDK

  • APIVersion: The current API version is: 1

Return Value

The SDK web service URL, in CxWSResponseDiscovery.ServiceURL


internal void Main(string [] args)
    CxWSResolverSoapClient cxResolverProxy = new CxWSResolverSoapClient();
    int APIVersion = 1;
    CxWSResponseDiscovery response= cxResolverProxy.GetWebServiceUrl(SDK, APIVersion);
    URL = response.ServiceURL;