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Defining SAML Service Provider Settings in Access Control

Defining SAML service provider settings in Access Control is the first step in configuring single sign-on with OKTA. At the end of this first step, the information provided in the downloaded metadata file is used for Creating a SAML Service Provider Application for OKTA.

To define SAML Service Provider Settings in Access Control:

  1. In the Access Control portal, navigate to the SAML Service Provider settings (Access Control > Settings > SAML Settings > Service Provider).

  2. Enter the relevant information in the respective fields. The information is provided by your system administrator.



    SP Certificate File

    Certificate that is used to sign the SAML request (default provided).


    You can browse to another Service Provider Certificate file – but only to upload P12 or PFX certification file formats that contain a private key.


    Service Provider Certificate file password

    Issuer (Service Provider)

    The unique identifier of the Service Provider (e.g., http{s}://{server}:{port}).


    The Issuer (Service Provider) field must contain a valid fully qualified ‘http’ or ‘https’ URL.

  3. Click <Update> to save the changes.

  4. Click 2880966992.png Download Metadata to download and save the metadata file.