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Checkmarx One Azure DevOps Plugin

The Checkmarx One Azure DevOps plugin enables you to trigger SAST, SCA, and KICS scans directly from an Azure DevOps pipeline. It provides a wrapper around the Checkmarx One CLI Tool which creates a zip archive from your source code repository and uploads it to Checkmarx One for scanning. This plugin provides easy integration with Azure while enabling scan customization using the full functionality and flexibility of the CLI tool.

Main Features

  • Automatically trigger SAST, SCA and KICS scans from Azure DevOps pipelines

  • Supports adding a Checkmarx One scan as a pre-configured task or as a YAML

  • Supports use of CLI arguments to customize scan configuration

  • Interface for viewing scan results summary and trends in the Azure environment

  • Direct links from within Azure to detailed Checkmarx One scan results and reports