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SAST Migration Limitations

The below list presents the SAST to Checkmarx One migration limitations:


The migration flow is partially manual, some data can be migrated using the export/import tool and some data and integrations will require manual work.




ast-admin and iam-admin permissions are required to execute the export / import procedures

CLI export tool is supported only on Windows

It is possible to export an existing SAST v9.3 (and up) environment

Projects / Scans / Results

Scan results are not migrated

Only results with triage are migrated

Results older then the configurable amount of days parameter to migrate won’t be migrated

If no value is used for the parameter, the default value is 180 days

Only one branch will be exported

Sources won’t be migrated

The ability to review findings in Code Viewer will be available only after the first real full scan via Checkmarx One

First scan results in Checkmarx One might be different than the latest scan in SAST due to difference in SAST scanner version

Users / Groups / Roles and permissions

Teams in SAST converted to Checkmarx One groups with no hierarchy.

The permissions inheritance model in Checkmarx One is different than SAST.