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Setting up and Configuring the CxIAST Java Agent in the AUT Environment



  • Java 6 is no longer supported.

  • The automatic upgrade for the Java agent is not supported when running on IBM JDK . The Agent must therefore be upgraded manually.

  • The Java agent running on the IBM JDK does not send diagnostic notifications to the CxIAST Manager.

  • Test applications must have read, write and modify access to the IAST agent unzipped folder.

Extract the archive to a folder of your choice on the host where the application under testing (AUT) is going to run.

Running the Test Application with the Java Agent

The Java agent requires additional JVM options on the AUT.

To add the JVM options to the AUT, do one of the following:

  • Add the JVM options after the Java command (for example, if you run your app using java -jar app.jar, run java <options> -jar app.jar).

  • Add the JVM options to the JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS environment variable and then run the application from the same shell. Do one of the following:

    • For some application servers, you can use the CxIAST.bat/sh script in the agent folder to easily set this variable and start your app

    • Some application servers have custom environment variables that can be used. For example, with Apache Tomcat, you can use CATALINA_OPTS.

Removing an Agent

Reverse the changes made in the 'Running the Agent' section or if you used the CxIAST.bat /, start the application without it. For Services, use the remove option to remove the agent.