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Checkmarx SCA Release Notes September 2023


These release notes relate to the SCA standalone product. Users who consume SCA through Checkmarx One should refer to the Checkmarx One release notes to see which SCA features have been released in Checkmarx One.


We are in the process of rolling out a new comprehensive Management of Risks service which will replace the current service. The current APIs IgnoreVulnerability and UnignoreVulnerability will be deprecated soon. Please plan accordingly. For more info, feel free to contact your Technical Account Manager.

SCA Resolver Version 2.4.5

We released a new version of SCA Resolver with the following improvements:

  • Improved parsing support for CLI custom arguments.

Download the new version here.

Nexus Plugin

We released version 1.1.4 of the Checkmarx SCA Nexus plugin.

This is a free tool for running Checkmarx SCA scans in Nexus. Learn more


It is important to update to the new version, since the old version uses an outdated SCA database.

Download Links

Download latest version:

sha256 checksum -

Download version 1.1.4:

sha256 checksum -