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Manually Refining Queries

If adding a code element directly from the code is not an option (for example, you need to refine a query not listed in Cx > General), you can manually refine a query.

To manually refine a query:

Create a new query that will override the default one: In Audit View, in the Query List, right-click the Query you want to refine, select Override, and click the query scope (e.g., Per Project).

  • All Projects Under Corp - The query will be created under Corp, and will apply to all projects.

  • Per Team - Select a Company or Team; the query will be created under a folder for the Company or Team, and will apply to their available projects.

  • Per Project - The query will be created under Project, and will be available only to the current project.

The query is created with code calling the original query.


Optionally, to change the query's properties (such as its Severity), right-click the new query and select Properties.



Executable means the query will be executed in regular CxSAST scans.

You can now change the properties.

Edit the query to refine the result (see Refining a Query).

Click Save All Queries to save the changes.