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Custom Field Management

It is now possible to define project attributes (metadata) by using custom fields.

Implementing and consuming project attributes by using the Custom Fields capability is a process that consists of three steps:

1. Creating new custom fields

2. Filling up the custom fields per project

3. Consuming custom fields using the OData REST APIs.

To define custom fields:

1. Go to Settings > Manage Custom Fields.


2. Click <Add>.

3. Enter a unique custom field name in the designated field.

4. Click <Save>.

Each newly added custom field (up to 10) is displayed on the list and can be edited or deleted.


To edit the custom field's name:

1. Click + to the left of the field name.

2. Make the requested change in the editable row that appears.

3. Click <Save>.

To delete a custom field row:

1. Click Delete 6436177185.jpgnext to the desired custom field and confirm your request when prompted.

2. Click <Save>.

Custom field are available for fill-out in the project attributes screen, both when you create new project and later when you edit an existing project.