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Release Notes for Engine Pack (EP) 9.5.5 Patches

Version Date 26-09-2023

  • Improved the Java query Java_Medium_Threat\Missing_HSTS_Header to prevent false positives.

  • Improved JavaScript, JSP, and Python support to prevent parsing issues.

  • Improvements in the engine now ensure consistent results when scanning the same source code with varying CPU counts.

  • Several improvements were implemented in CxAudit when overriding queries.

  • Improved the JavaScript query JavaScript_Server_Side_Vulnerabilities\SQL_Injection to prevent false negatives.

  • Improved the Java query Java_High_Risk\LDAP_Injection to prevent false negatives.

Version Date 13-08-2023

  • Improved Scala language support to prevent an error causing the scans to fail.

Version Date 23-07-2023

  • Improved Apex query Apex_Force_com_Critical_Security_Risk\Stored_XSS to prevent False Positives.

  • Improvements in Apex language to prevent scans from failing when source code includes multiple single-line comments.

  • Improvements in Java language to prevent stuck scans when the package names include special characters.

  • Improvements in JavaScript language to prevent parsing issues.

  • Improved Python query Python_High_Risk\Reflected_XSS_All_Clients to prevent False Negatives.

Version Date 5-06-2023

Improvements in CSharp language to prevent exception issues when parsing the source code.

Version Date 30-05-2023

Improvements in RPG language to prevent parsing issues and scan failure.