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Checkmarx One JetBrains Plugin

Checkmarx continues to spearhead the shift-left approach to AppSec by bringing our powerful AppSec tools into your IDE. This empowers developers to identify vulnerabilities and remediate them as they code. The Checkmarx JetBrains plugin integrates seamlessly into your IDE, enabling you to access the full functionality of your Checkmarx One account (SAST, SCA, IaC Security) directly from your IDE.

You can run new scans, or import results from scans run in your Checkmarx One account. Checkmarx provides detailed info about each vulnerability, including remediation recommendations and examples of effective remediation. The plugin enables you to navigate from a vulnerability to the relevant source code, so that you can easily zero-in on the problematic code and start working on remediation.

This plugin provides easy integration with JetBrains and is compatible with all JetBrains IDE products (e.g., IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, WebStorm etc.).


All examples in this documentation will be shown for IntelliJ IDEA (for Java and JVM languages).

Key Features

  • Access the full power of Checkmarx One (SAST, SCA, and IaC Security) directly from your IDE

  • Run a new scan from your IDE even before committing the code, or import scan results from your Checkmarx One account

  • Provides actionable results including remediation recommendations. Navigate from results panel directly to the highlighted vulnerable code in the editor and get right down to work on the remediation.

  • Group and filter results

  • Triage results (by adjusting the severity and state and adding comments) directly from the Visual Studio console

  • Apply Auto Remediation to automatically remediate open source vulnerabilities, by updating to a non-vulnerable package version.

  • Links to Codebashing lessons


  • You are running IntelliJ version 2021.2+ or another JetBrains IDE that is based on a supported version of IntelliJ.

  • You have an API key for your Checkmarx One account. To create an API key, see Generating an API Key.


    In order to use this integration for running an end-to-end flow of scanning a project and viewing results, the API Key must have at a minimum the out-of-the-box composite role ast-scanner as well as the IAM role default-roles.