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Sample Email Templates for Rolling Out Codebashing

This email template is an example of how to communicate your Codebashing campaign. The primary focus is to have evangelized this program to your audience and then send out this email. That could be as simple as an all-hands call, a team meeting, or a kick-off call, etc.

Sample 1

Hi <name>

As part of a continuous effort to raise Application Security awareness, [Company Name] is launching a secure coding program using a gamified training platform – Checkmarx Codebashing.

Codebashing is a hands-on, interactive platform. Rather than spending a whole day learning about security vulnerabilities out-of-context, you will receive bite-sized lessons that are relevant to the daily coding challenges you face.

By completing Codebashing courses, you will be able to:

  • Think and code with a secure mindset

  • Remediate vulnerabilities faster

  • Earn points and badges, and take on challenges to prove yourself as an AppSec champion

To begin training, click on this link and pick your primary coding language.

It is mandatory that you complete this course by <date>. If you code in multiple languages, we encourage you to complete additional courses.

So let’s get started! Do you have what it takes to be [Company] AppSec Champion? The game is on.

<CISO name and signature>

Sample 2

Dear Colleague,

This mandatory Secure Code training link is sent on behalf of [Main CB POC], [Title of POC].

This training is required for [PCI compliance or reason for training – does not have to be PCI], and the completion status will be briefed weekly to senior managers until we have 100% compliance.

This year’s new Secure Code training reflects our coders’ feedback about last year’s training. We took that feedback seriously and switched vendors, to Codebashing / Checkmarx in order to provide shorter, fun, interactive Secure Code training that is specific to your coding language. Lessons are short – 5 to 8 minutes each – and add up to around 2 to 3 hours in total (depending on the language). It will walk through the most common coding security vulnerabilities and help you write more secure code, to help keep [Company Name] secure.

Please click on the below link to access training. It will take you to the Codebashing portal, where you will create a user password and choose your primary programming language. This link will expire in two weeks.

We recommend you choose only one programming language initially and work to completion so you get full credit on the management report. If you would like to take training in another language after completing a full course, you are free to do so. Your access will remain valid for approximately a 12-month period.

Thank you for helping to keep [Company Name] secure. If you have any questions, please contact [POC and email address].

Kind Regards,