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Integrating the Checkmarx Vulnerability Integration

Once all the integrations are activated, scheduled tasks invoke the integrations automatically daily and are chained to run in sequence. Each Checkmarx application vulnerability integration is intended to provide complete data retrieval. Running them out of order requires ServiceNow and Application Vulnerability Response expertise and could result in incomplete data.

If the three integrations are not chained for execution, they will need to be run manually in this order for SAST and SCA:

  1. Checkmarx Application List Integration

  2. Checkmarx Scan Summary Integration

  3. Checkmarx Application Vulnerable Item Integration

Checkmarx Application List Integration

  1. Click Integrations.

  2. Click Checkmarx Application List Integration.

  3. Click Execute Nowif the run is not scheduled and is On Demand or Integration needs to be performed manually.


    The Application Vulnerability Integrations screen is displayed.

    When the plugin shows the State and Substate of Complete and Successful, respectively, the plugin is connected to the Checkmarx instance and pulled into the project list. The first time all the project lists are imported, the plugin will ascertain how many scans there are and pull in the latest ones.

Checkmarx Scan Summary Integration

The steps for integrating the Checkmarx Scan Summary Integration are similar to those above, but a date can be included.

  1. Click Checkmarx Scan Summary Integration, as per point 2 above.

  2. Click on the calendar icon to select a date and time if Run was not scheduled and is On Demand or if the integration must be performed manually.

  3. Click Execute Now.

  4. Navigate to the Settings icon to edit the time zone of the Start Time.

  5. Select the dropdown list to select the Time zone.



The integration's selected time from Start Time will be converted to Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), irrespective of the chosen time zone. Checkmarx will use the converted UTC.

Checkmarx Applications Integrations

The steps for integrating the Checkmarx Application Vulnerable Item Integration, SCA Application List Integration, SCA Scan Summary Integration, and SCA Application Vulnerable Item Integration are the same as those for the Checkmarx Scan Summary Integration.