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Using the Checkmarx One CLI Tool

Checkmarx One CLI Tool is a standalone Checkmarx tool that works as a functional Command Line Interface (CLI) that interacts with the Checkmarx One server.

The tool can perform all the functions that the REST APIs support, allowing CLI users to carry out all tasks related to managing the Checkmarx One server.

The Checkmarx One CLI tool allows you to manage Checkmarx projects, manage Checkmarx scanning, and display scan results. It also acts as the backbone for all the supported plugins because they all use it to initiate scans. The result is minimal updates to plugins, decreasing the need for constant updates and feature requests.

In this video, we demonstrate how to use the Checkmarx One CLI Tool.

Below you will find more articles on the Checkmarx One CLI Tool.

They will provide you with more details and instructions to configure the tool.

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