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Global Flags

The CLI tool supports a set of global flags.

The Global flags are optional for every CLI command/Sub-command.

The following list includes all the global flags that can be added to the CLI commands.

--agent <string> (Default - "ASTCLI")

Scan origin name.

--apikey <string>

The API Key to login to Checkmarx One with.

--base-auth-uri <string>

The Checkmarx One User Management URI.

--base-uri <string>

The Checkmarx One server URI.

--client-id <string>

The OAuth client ID.

--client-secret <string>

The OAuth client secret.


Debug mode with detailed logs.

--help, -h

Help for every cx command/sub-command


Ignore the proxy that is configured in your system, so that all Checkmarx One CLI commands are run from your local machine.

Note: Alternatively, this can be done setting the environment variable CX_IGNORE_PROXY as true.


Ignore TLS certificate validations.

--profile <string> (Default - "default")

The default configuration profile.

--proxy-auth-type <string>

Proxy authentication type, (basic or ntlm).

--proxy-ntlm-domain <string>

Window domain when using NTLM proxy.

--proxy <string>

Proxy server to send communication through.

Note: You need to include the http:// prefix. The format should be http://<proxy_ip>:<port_number>. If authentication is required, then the format should be http://<username>:<password>@<proxy_ip>:<port_number>.

--retry-delay <unit> (Default - 3 seconds)

Time between retries in seconds, use with --retry.

--retry <unit> (Default - 3 times)

Retry requests to Checkmarx One on connection failure.

--tenant <string> (Default - "organization")

The tenant name of the Checkmarx One Server.

--timeout <string> (Default - 5 seconds)

Timeout for network activity.


C:\Users\elip.DM\Downloads\ast-cli_windows_x64>cx.exe --help
The Checkmarx One CLI is a fully functional Command Line Interface (CLI) that interacts with the Checkmarx One server.

  cx <command> <subcommand> [flags]

  auth:       Validate authentication and create OAuth2 credentials
  chat:       Interact with OpenAI models
  completion: Generate the autocompletion script for the specified shell
  configure:  Configure authentication and global properties
  help:       Help about any command
  project:    Manage projects
  results:    Retrieve results
  scan:       Manage scans
  triage:     Manage results
  utils:      Utility functions
  version:    Prints the version number

      --agent string               Scan origin name (default "ASTCLI")
      --apikey string              The API Key to login to Checkmarx One
      --base-auth-uri string       The base system IAM URI
      --base-uri string            The base system URI
      --client-id string           The OAuth2 client ID
      --client-secret string       The OAuth2 client secret
      --debug                      Debug mode with detailed logs
  -h, --help                       help for cx
      --insecure                   Ignore TLS certificate validations
      --profile string             The default configuration profile (default "default")
      --proxy string               Proxy server to send communication through
      --proxy-auth-type string     Proxy authentication type, (basic or ntlm)
      --proxy-ntlm-domain string   Window domain when using NTLM proxy
      --retry uint                 Retry requests to Checkmarx One on connection failure (default 3)
      --retry-delay uint           Time between retries in seconds, use with --retry (default 20)
      --tenant string              Checkmarx tenant
      --timeout string             Timeout for network activity, (default 5 seconds)

  $ cx configure
  $ cx scan create -s . --project-name my_project_name
  $ cx scan list



  Use 'cx <command> <subcommand> --help' for more information about a command.
  Read the manual at