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JetBrains Plugin - Changelog

The following table lists of improvements and bug fixes have been implemented for the JetBrains plugin with the relevant version release.

Plugin Version

CLI Version


Bug Fixes



  • In the SAST results viewer, we added new tabs with additional info about each vulnerability.

    • Learn More - Gives detailed information about the the nature of the risk and its causes, as well as remediation recommendations.

    • Code Samples - Shows a sample of code that is subject to this vulnerability, followed by a remediated version of that code.

  • In the SCA results viewer -

    • Enriched the data that is shown, and improved the display.

    • Added an automatic remediation button that enables users to automatically replace a vulnerable package version with a non-vulnerable version of that package.


      This feature is currently supported only for NPM and only for direct dependencies.



  • Added option to group results by file name.

  • Fixed issue that retrieving SCA results was causing an error.


  • Added links to the relevant Codebashing lessons.

  • Added support for JetBrains’ Android Studio IDE.



  • Automatically selects the latest scan once a project and branch have been selected.

  • Added ability to filter results by vulnerability state.



  • Added ability to triage results directly from the IDE console

  • Added a brief description for SAST vulnerabilities

  • Updated UI elements to reflect the new Checkmarx branding (e.g., logo)

  • General UI improvements



  • Updated CLI to version 2.0.4

  • Added buttons in the sidebar of the Checkmarx pane to filter vulnerabilities by severity

  • Fixed issue when opening a JetBrains project that doesn’t have a repository


  • Import Checkmarx One scan results into your IDE

  • Show results from all scan types (SAST, SCA, and KICS)

  • Group and filter results

  • Navigate from results directly to the vulnerable code in the editor

  • Vulnerable code is highlighted in the editor