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Checking Installed Services

To check the status of installed services and if they have been installed:

  1. Go to Start > Control Panel > System and Security > Administrative Tools > Services

  2. Make sure that the following Checkmarx services and Web server are started:

    • On a centralized host:

      • CxSystemManager

      • CxJobsManager

      • CxScansManager

      • CxSastResults

      • CxEngineService

      • Management and Orchestration:

        • CxARM

        • CxARMETL

        • CxRemediationIntelligence

      • Shared services:

        • ActiveMQ

      • Web server - Open CMD as administrator and run "iisreset /start" or start the relevant server from the IIS Console:

        • World Wide Web Publishing Service

        • IIS Admin Service

    • On a CxEngine host (if applicable):

      • CxEngineService

By default, all product services are installed and configured to run with the Windows Network Service account. For updating or customizing non-default service accounts at a later stage without re-installing, modifying, or upgrading CxSAST, refer to Configuring CxSAST for using a non-default User (Network Service) for CxServices & IIS Application Pools for further information and instructions.