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Portal User Settings Persistence

To improve the SAST Web Portal user experience, several custom user settings can now persist across all portal pages, instead of being reset to their default states each time the pages reload. The user settings will persist even when switching between pages, closing the browser, or logging off and then back again.

The following settings in the Scans, Projects, and Results Viewer pages now persist:

  • Filters (for example in the results view)

  • Column visibility (whether it is displayed or hidden)

  • Column Sorting

  • Column width

  • Grouping

  • Page size

  • Results viewer border size (which can be adjusted by dragging)

  • Any user settings which can be saved

Every time a table or view setting is changed (in size or location, for example), the new setting value is saved immediately in the browser’s local storage (specific for the logged-in user). Once a page loads, the setting is restored from the browser’s local storage, and set to the specific UI component.

If a new column is added or removed, as a result of an application version upgrade, the settings for the existing or remaining columns will still work.

CxWebClientApp (Portal) service is affected as follows:

  • Restoring table settings on page loading

  • Saving table settings on every change


Settings are saved per browser and per user, so they will not persist over different browsers or different machines, or different users.


As of version 9.6, SAST scan and filter settings will be saved on the database instead of using cookies. You will be able to continue working where you left off without the settings reverting to the default.