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Rolling Back Engine Packs

What is the Rollback Process?

  • Rollback is a process in which a user who initially has a SAST GA version installed, upgrades to an Engine Pack and then switches back to the SAST GA version.

  • If a Hotfix was installed on the SAST GA version and then the system was upgraded to an Engine Pack, during rollback, the hotfix changes will also be applied again.

Rolling Back 9.5.X Engine Packs

To rollback from CxSAST Engine Pack 9.5.X to CxSAST 9.5.0 GA, simply install CxSAST Engine Pack 9.5.0 and the setup will roll back to the base version of 9.5.0 (Version: G.A). To roll back to an earlier engine pack installation, run that engine pack's installer.


This applies to upgrades and downgrades alike. For example, running the 9.5.3 installer rolls you back to the 9.5.3 version without having to uninstall the 9.5.5. Likewise, running the 9.5.5 installer installs 9.5.5 without having to uninstall 9.5.3.

For any questions or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us at Checkmarx Support Center.

Rolling Back 9.4.X Engine Packs

For instructions, see Manual Engine Pack Rollback and Automated Engine Pack Rollback using PowerShell.