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Login using LDAP Single Sign-on


For SAST Versions 9.0 and above, refer to Settings Tab - LDAP Server Settings (v2.0 and up).

Login using LDAP single sign-on can be performed from the CxSAST web interface as follows:

  1. Access the CxSAST web interface by using the Checkmarx Portal shortcut on the Desktop or navigate to the Checkmarx folder (Start > All Programs > Checkmarx > Checkmarx Portal). The CxSAST Login screen is displayed.


    The LDAP Login option is only available in the CxSAST Login screen if LDAP is enabled in the LDAP configuration (Management > Connection > LDAP).

  2. Click Options and select LDAP (e.g., ActiveDirectoryLdap) from the drop-down.

  3. Enter the User Name and Password credentials.

  4. Click <Login>. Once authenticated by the LDAP server, you are directed and automatically logged in to the CxSAST web interface.


When an LDAP user attempts to login:

  • If the user isn’t associated with any of the newly define categories (fields), use the default settings to create the user.

  • If the user is associated with at least one of the new categories (fields), use the defined role and attributes to create the user.

  • If the user belong to two (2) or more groups, use the lowest role (or highest role) according to the defined role resolution parameter (LdapUserHighestRoleResolution).