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Code Repository Coverage

The Code Repository Coverage widget enhances Checkmarx One monitoring and coverage for the supported code repositories.

The widget is designed to provide the following capabilities:

  • A quick view of the code repositories being monitored in the system.

  • Repository coverage percentage - Only code repository organizations and repositories are counted excluding CI/CD ones.

  • A list of organizations that are monitored for each supported code repository.

  • How many repositories of the monitored organizations are being scanned in Checkmarx One.

  • An option to add additional organizations/repositories to improve the code repository coverage.

Widget Elements

The widget contains several elements which provide different functionalities.

  • Repository coverage percentage - Calculation of how many repositories out of the total monitored organizations are scanned & covered by Checkmarx One.

  • Info.png icon - A tooltip that provides information about the following:

    • A list of the code repository organizations that are monitored in Checkmarx One.

    • The number of monitored repositories out of the total monitored repositories.

    • A scroll bar - to see the entire organizations list (if it's a long list).

      For example:

  • + Improve Coverage link - Opens the code repository configuration wizard and provides the option to add repositories to increase coverage.

Adding Repositories

It is possible to add repositories in order to improve the code repository coverage.

To add repositories, perform the following:

  1. Click on + Improve Coverage link.

    Code repository configuration wizard opens.

  2. Select the relevant organization(s) and click Select Organization.


    The right side panel presents the following details:

    • A list of the monitored organizations.

    • How many repositories exist for each organization.

    • How many repositories are covered for each organization (percentage calculation).

      For example:

  3. Select the relevant repositories and click Next


    The coverage percentage is updated accordingly

  4. Configure the following (if needed) and click Next

    • Enable/disable the relevant scanners

    • Protected branches to scan

    • SSH key

    • Assign groups

    • Assign scan tags

    • Set criticality level

  5. Add/remove protected branches

  6. In the Advanced Options screen click Create Project


Widget Presents Partial Results

There is a specific use case when the widget presents partial results.

It happens when a user imports a Project from the code repository, but he doesn't have Owner permissions for the organization which the repository belongs to.

In addition, the organization owner never imported a repository via Checkmarx One.

In such case the widget will present None for the coverage percentage.

For example:


In order to understand which organization doesn't have Owner permissions, click on the Info_Grey.png tooltip.

Scroll down the list to find the relevant organization.

For example:



  • The widget supports GitHub, GitLab & Azure DevOps repositories coverage. In case that there is at least 1 repository imported to Checkmarx One the widget will be always presented.