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Checkmarx One Vulnerability Integration Modifications and Activities

Set Checkmarx One Vulnerability Integration import times.

For your convenience, you can reset the start time for the Checkmarx One Vulnerability Integrations.

Role required: App-Sec Manager Group

After the initial import, the Checkmarx One vulnerability Integrations do a full import each time they run. See Integrating Checkmarx One Vulnerability Integration for more information on performing imports.

  1. Navigate to All

  2. Select  Checkmarx One Vulnerability Integration

  3. Click Integrations

  4. Select an Integration

  5. Set the Start time

    Time is calculated as Hours in local time. The default time for the Checkmarx One Application List Integration imports is 00:00:00. The other integrations are On Demand and chained to run after the Checkmarx One Application List Integration. Changing the Start time for either of these requires advanced ServiceNow and Application Vulnerability Management expertise

  6. Click Update

    The new time is used for the next scheduled import