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Configuring the Proxy from the Checkmarx Server

To configure the proxy from the Checkmarx Server:

  • In the web configuration file, located under C:\Program Files\Checkmarx\Checkmarx Web Services\CxWebInterface\web.config, add the following syntax to the <system.webserver> section.

 <defaultProxy enabled="true" useDefaultCredentials="true"> 
 <module type="Checkmarx.CxInfraSructures.WebProxy.CxWebProxy, CxInfraSructures"/>
 <proxy bypassonlocal="true" proxyaddress=""/>
 <add address="10.31.8.*"/> 
 <add address="10.31.98.*"/> 

About the XML

The """" is optional. These are addresses that CxServer can connect to bypass the proxy server.

Proxy Server Settings

  • In the Proxy Server Settings dialog, enter the following properties:

    • Name - Name of proxy server

    • Protocol - Select HTTP Proxy

    • Client Port - Select the client port to access

    • Use HTTP Authentication - Select Use HTTP Authentication option

    • Authentication Challenges - Select Basic

    • Read Timeout - Configure to 30 seconds (default)

    • Connect Timeout - Configure to 30 seconds (default)

    • Report all Connects - Select the check-box

    • Log File - Location of the log file

Proxy Service Console

1. In the Proxy Status dialog, enter the following properties:

  • Current Status - Service/ console: Running/Non-Running

  • Service mode - Start/Stop/Restart

  • Console mode - Start/Stop

2. Click <OK>.