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Creating Projects

Checkmarx One Projects creation and configuration can be performed using one of the following options:

  • Manual Scan

  • Code Repository Integration

Creating a Manual Scan Project

A Manual Scan Project is a Project that is manually created on the Application and Project home page.

Once successfully logging in to Checkmarx One, the Applications and Projects home page appears.

To create a new Manual Scan project:

  1. In the Applications and Projects home page, click on the Image_937.png button and then select New Project - Manual Scan.


    The New Project window opens.

  2. In the New Project window, configure the following:

    • Project Name - Should indicate the source code to be scanned and tracked.

    • Project Tags (Optional) - Assign tags to a project. Tags are very useful for projects filtering purposes.

      Tagging has no dependencies in any other component, and it is possible to configure any required value.

    • Groups (Optional) - Assign groups to a project. Once a group is assigned to a project, all the group members will be able to perform actions in the project (Scan source codes, view results, etc.)

    • By Rule (Optional) - Rules that are configured in the Scanner Default Settings are presented in the Project configuration wizard. This option allows the user to perform the following:

      • See which rules were configured for the Tenant level.

      • Update/Add rules and apply them to the Project level.


    • By Rule is not supported by API Security at present.

      In case that no rules are configured via Scanner Default Settings no values are presented in the wizard

    • Project level is a higher configuration level than Tenant level. Setting the Allow Override option on the Tenant level allows overriding the parameters on the Project level.

    • Each scanner has a different set of Parameters.

    • Checking Allow_Override.pngAllow Override allows overriding the same parameter on a higher level of the configuration.

  3. Click Create Project. The new project is successfully added to the list of projects.


Creating a Code Repository Integration Project

Checkmarx One provides the option to import any project from a Source Code Management tool (SCM). The projects can be imported from a Cloud Hosted environment or a Self-Hosted one.

Checkmarx has created a very easy and straightforward import process, with emphasis on the process simplicity.


API Security does not support importing projects at present.

Cloud Hosted SCMs

Checkmarx One supports the 4 most common cloud based SCM’s. For more information, see Checkmarx One SCM Integrations.

Self Hosted SCMs

Checkmarx One supports the below several self-hosted SCM’s. For more information, see Checkmarx One SCM Integrations.