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CxSAST Reporting Portal Installation (as a Windows Service)


Dependency Requirements:

Before installing the CxSAST Reporting Portal, the CxSAST ReportingService Manager and CxSAST ReportingService Client should be deployed first in the environment.

The Authorization Setup Script must be executed prior to the Client API Installation. The script and guide can be found at CxSAST Reporting Authorization Setup.

Following is a step by step guide for installing the CxSAST Reporting Portal component as a Windows Service.

The Portal require the following dependencies:


  1. Extract zip contents of CxSAST ReportingService Portal to C:\Checkmarx\CxReportingPortal.

  2. In IIS manager open the server's node in the Connections panel. Right-click the Sites folder. Select Add Website from the contextual menu. In the Add Website dialog, perform the following:

    o Provide a Site name (example: ‘CxReportingPortal').

    o Create a new Application Pool or select 'CxClientPool’.

    o Set the Physical path to the directory where CxReportingPortal was extracted to (example: C:\Checkmarx\CxReportingPortal).

    Connect as a user with the proper permissions.

    o Provide the Binding configuration Type as HTTP/HTTPS, with All Unassigned as the IP address and the desired Port. Select the proper SSL Certificate if HTTPS is enabled.

    o Create the website by selecting OK.

  3. Execute the script auth-script.ps1, by running the following command line in PowerShell:

    ./auth-script.ps1 -AccessControlAddress "http://localhost" -ReportingApiAddress "http://localhost:5555" 

    The script can be found under the CxReportingPortal folder (\CxReportingPortal\auth-script.ps1).

  4. You can verify that the installation was successful by checking <ip>:<port> on the browser.

    This should open the application correctly. The user is redirected to the Checkmarx SAST authentication page.