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CxSAST Reporting Windows Prerequisites

This page describes the prerequisites for the windows installation of the Cx Reporting Service components.

Authorization and Authentication


The Authorization Setup Script must be executed before the Client API Installation. The script and guide can be found in CxSAST Reporting Authorization Setup.

.NET Core Hosting Bundle

The CxSAST Reporting Service needs the following version of the .net hosting bundle, depending on the version to be installed:

  • Version 1.x: ASP.NET Core 3.1.21 hosting bundle (download link) must be installed in the CxSASTReporting Service machine, which might require a restart.

  • Version from 2.x: ASP.NET Core 6.0.7 hosting bundle (download link) must be installed in the CxReportingService service machine, which might require a restart.

  • The service and client machines must have connectivity to the CxSAST’s database host and CxSAST’s manager host for Access Control connectivity.

IIS Deployment

The CxSAST Reporting Service Client API and CxSAST Reporting Wizard need to be deployed on a web server like IIS, so to be done, the IIS Server needs to be installed and running on the server.

To install the IIS server, you need to activate it on the control panel, as explained in the following article: Enable IIS.